Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This is the face..

...of a cat that has just suffered the indignity of a (brace yourself...) rectal exam. And I might add he went through it without a peep, kick, howl...his eyes may have gotten a bit wider, but with Thomas it is hard to tell.

I should add that the vet's attendant was giving him a kiss on the forehead at the same time. God knows what the poor cat thought was happening - are they skewering me then planning to eat me head first?...

And please, no crude comments about how some people would pay for that kind of treatment.

So - next time you or someone you know is whining about the possibility of having a doctor's digit ... inserted....just remember, think about your size/size of a finger, and a cats size/size of a finger...if a cat can take it without complaining....

(and for those curious why Thomas had to go through that - let's just say he is having a few "issues down there" - hopefully nothing much, keep your fingers crossed)