Monday, July 09, 2007

If you ever need to find music for my...., funeral, coronation, make sure it is something by Michael Nyman.

My favorite is Fish Beach, which I have linked below - one of many great moments from the Drowning by Numbers soundtrack. I always thought it was called "sheep 'n tides" because it is the music I associate with the game - which is explained below...

"Sheep and Tides - Nine sheep are tethered to stakes, (next to chairs on which teacups are placed) beside the sea, and bets are laid on the combined sensitivity of any line of three sheep - read vertically, horizontally or diagonally - being the first to react to the exact moment of the tide turn. The sheep sudden movement jolts the chairs, pulls on the stakes and rattles the teacups.... Since there are usually three tide turns every 24 hours, it is normal practice to take the best of three results. Reliable clocks, calendars and timetables are used to determine the accuracy of the sheep forecast."

Makes sense to me...

Fish Beach

"It was Peter Greenaway who first drew my attention to the brief but stunning melody with which Mozart closes the exposition of the slow movement of the Sinfonia Conertante for violin, viola and orchestra...Peter's first and major instruction to me concerning the score for Drowning by Numbers (was) that it should be based on Mozart's movement...." Michael Nyman.

Drowning by Numbers is one of my favorite films, and the marriage of the incredible visuals to this stunning soundtrack is one of the many reasons why.

Listen & enjoy.


Tracy said...

mmm. a favourite here too. thanks for sharing... xo

Anonymous said...

Pretty much anything off The Piano ST for me.