Saturday, April 14, 2007

It may seem small to you....

Yes, there is big news at the Bunkle...THE BATHROOM DOOR HAS BEEN INSTALLED! My parents and brother came over yesterday and helped me hang it again - it has been down for almost a year now (yes, it is coming very close to my Bunkle anniversary date). Such a little step (and such a little door - it is very very narrow), but it feels like a very big accomplishment. The photo is a bit of a cheat - I haven't screwed in the door handle plates yet (plates and knob thanks to pals A&J), and I think I might swap out the door handle with another in my house so this one would be glass instead. You will also notice the distinct lack of trim on the right side of the door in the red room - one more finishing touch to do (I have all the trim painted in the basement, I just need to find the time and tools to cut it....)

I ripped the paper down this morning. I caught Maggie looking with some concern at the door from the bathroom side...she then wandered into the red room and stared some more. Hopefully she has now realized she cannot gallop through this one, like the cat-ripped version she is used to. As for Thomas, as soon as I took down the paper he put on his Gnarler hat and got straight to chewing at the paper and tape.

Funny how little steps like the door really make me happy. Happy isn't really the right word, satisfied is not quite it either really. But there is a little flash of joy. And as impatient as I sometimes get with the renos, each little step brings its reward...very pavlovian but very true. The Bunkle has sort of become a big craft project for me I think, and there is a certain amount of joy knowing it will never be completely over - houses never are. I may want to eat my words a week from now, but that is how I'm feeling at 7:55am on a Saturday morning.

And here's a little reminder of spring - the cherry tree in the front yard. I took this yesterday, when it was rainy out. It is sunny today, and the tree is looking even prettier.

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