Sunday, April 29, 2007

A day in the 'hood...

Cherry tree is in full white fluff mode. Thought I'd take one last photos of the flowers, as they have already started to fall.

Moving slowly yesterday - another sunny Saturday, proving it doesn't always rain here. Walked down to the water. I haven't spent much time walking the streets below my house. Making plans to do more of it. There are some great older houses that must have dotted the landscape around the same time the Bunkle was built. I took my camera but got shy about taking photos of them - it seemed sort of invasive so I failed that particular task really. I did find a string of three colourful old dames on one of the busy streets 10 or so blocks below where I live. Not the prettiest setting - no trees, which is unusual for the North Shore, but it is a main street - but a cheerful trio none the less. The little yellow place is from 1906 according to the sign.

My walk ended at the Quay market to buy some veggies. I sat by the water for a bit. New York it's not, but pretty it is.

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