Sunday, December 03, 2006

Things that start with "T"...

I've read posts about how hard it is to take photos with wee hands pulling at your sleeves. I have a different problem...but for those of you wanted to see Thomas in action, here you go.

The tile is a tin ceiling tile from the flourmill on Pacific Street in Brandon Manitoba, dating 1882 or so. It is beautifully framed, though the frame is still in protective wrapping & will stay that way til I hang it in the red den. The tile was a present to myself from a craft fair I went to with A. a few weeks back. I couldn't resist it, it fits with the Bunkle so very well. And it's from Brandon, home town of another favorite T.!


Anonymous said...

that is crazy! you know i grew up in brandon?!?! know pacific street well... how did the artist get these??xo

oh and love the kitty shots!

BunkleLife said...

of course i know - you're my final "T";-)

The place was being pulled down. He is a Manitoba guy I believe that spends his time reclaiming tin tiles and framing them (& making a killing I'm sure)

& kitty shots were the humorous result of the delay with my digital camera - oh for a digital slr!

Anonymous said...

did i not read that last sentance?? i am losing it down here. (blame the pta.) yikes xo