Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pouring out the bottles & rejoicing...

For the last two and a half days I've had no electricity. I'm not the only one - a brutal windstorm Thursday night knocked out power for thousands. Of course, it also snowed - just a bit - so that gives you a sense of how warm it was outside. Inside? My place was 3C. I could see my breath and it was F&&KING COLD. Cats and I survived using candles/flashlights/and two hot water bottles (which I discover stay fairly warm if sandwiched between me and the cats). Thank god for my gas stove, at least I could use the burners. Was worrying a bit about Thomas this morning as he wouldn't lie down, he just sat all puffed up (looking rather like an owl) by my pillow, expecting me to rectify the situation I suppose. Maggie, who had given up on her friends the heating vents after sitting and staring at them in great disappointment, was smart enough to curl up on top of me to keep warm. Anyway, crisis is now over. But it makes me realize how ill prepared I am (and maybe this city is?) for a disaster. Will do my best to rectify that and soon.

In other news, went to a concert that has secured a firm position on my Top 10 live music experiences list - Akron/Family. Not to everyone's taste (but so much to mine I was grinning like an idiot through most of it), but my god it was refreshing to see musicians really playing - in both senses of the word - and making something new and exciting. Phenomenal fun, energetic, creative, loud stuff.

And for those who are interested & curious, here is my favorite source of new and unusual music: Spinning on Air. Go in, poke through the archives and listen to some great new music. There are well recorded live performances/interviews with Sufjan Stevens and Akron/Family as well as many many other new and interesting things.


Janice said...

Yikes! I didn't know you'd had no power for 2 days! I've been so lucky ... no power outages here. I'm spoiled and also very ill-prepared. I always have lots of water on hand, but beyond that, I'm useless. Glad you and the kitties survived!

ps - I'm going to see you later!

Anonymous said...

was wondering about you. glad to hear all is ok. (we keep talking about how ill-prepared we are - but not doing - will try and rectify that) xo

Anonymous said...

Move to Ontario. We don't have power outages in winter. Only in summer.

Have you seen that climate change doc by that could be president with the apple G4? Because you live on the coast, perhaps preparedness is a good thing.

Relieved to learn that things are okay.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are getting better. It's topsy turvy Canada , we're getting nothing but rain here.

Have a good one!