Friday, December 22, 2006

Counting down & burning my hands...

Unfortunately I'm going to have to be a bit cryptic as to what has been taking up my time for the last few days as some of the recipients of my labours do read this thing every now and then. What I can say is that my hands are both burned and stabbed, and my feet are sticking to the kitchen floor. This year I just couldn't stand the idea of fighting with the rest of the shopping hoards and have tried to bring it down a notch. Of course that doesn't end up simplifying the amount of stuff you have to do, but at least you don't have to fight for parking to do it. Will see how it goes & I will tell more after the fact.

And the Bunkle remains largely undecorated - a few things are up, but I've decided I'll hold off on the tree and the rest of it until next year.

The cats, of course, will have stockings. Maggie can't contain her excitement.

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Anonymous said...

do i smell marmalade??

love to you. hope you have a wonderful holiday. and that 07 puts us together for a coffee. or tea. or something stronger even. xo