Sunday, December 10, 2006

Red houses

Christmas is coming...and that includes some time off from work. Hoping that I will get baseboards installed in the red room then, with Mum's help. Until then, here's a bit of fakery, with the help of a chunk of baseboard from my bedroom (which can't be properly installed until the door jamb gets replaced...and so it goes....). In case you need a reminder of where things started ...
It is very easy to forget how much has been accomplished in the face of the bazillion other things that still need to be done. Patience not one of my major virtues.

When I start getting frustrated with what has to be done I can always step back and remind myself that I am the owner of another red house that needs no work. I built the whole damn thing myself. And lighting the thing is a whole lot less expensive.


Anonymous said...

ok this is lovely. looks small in the first shot - and large in the second. tell me more. . . xo

BunkleLife said...

...about perspective? Sorry, couldn't resist. It is a paper lantern house, about 15 inches tall. Very easy - sticks, a glue gun, watered down white glue and tons of tissue paper. Tea light supported in a little tin tray stuck to some flat sticks inside. It was my lantern for the Illuminaires festival here - great pagan night of lights and craziness.
If you want more instructions, let me know!

Janice said...

OK that red house looks like a tent in the night shot! Hehe

The red room is looking lovely. When can I move in?