Sunday, December 24, 2006

Felt felt felt and more felt

As mentioned I tried hard to scale back this Christmas....well, at least scale back on the crazed shopping hoards. Think I pretty much managed it. A few online purchases, a few things from funky little stores and craft fairs and the rest made by hand.

Preserves to start with (yes T. you guessed right!!): lime marmalade, cranberry citrus marmalade, and tropical kiwi lime jam.

Then some hand made cards using images of old (and strangely reminiscent of certain family members) wild cats that came from a book that was being turfed out of the U of T library.

And then out came the needle & thread for some hand made tree decorations.

First, the obvious - disembodied kitty heads wearing red scarves (to make them look a bit less disembodied).

Then for my brothers, some more specific beasts.

Jury is still out on the black thread on the clown fish - they do have black lines between the orange & white patches, which is what I was going for but I think maybe I'd choose white next time. You sew and learn. They are all very tiny - about an inch in size. I have a fantasy that I will make a whole whack of them for my tree next year. I gave a pair of cats to my pals A&J who are gracious enough to humour me by accepting a gift that is really kind of odd - does everyone hang handmade images of a pal's cats on their tree willingly?I think not!!! God love them for it.


Anonymous said...

oh i love these jan. specially the penguin. and it think the black on the fish looks perfect. hope you had a lovely day xo

grayelf said...

T&M kitties heads hanging proudly on our tree -- they are now our mascots and the only handmade Christmas items we own. Maggie's eyes do tend to follow you around the room, but we are getting used to that :-)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas BunkleLife, and a happy New Year.