Sunday, January 20, 2013

The God that Comes

A quick post about a true delight this week:  Hawksley Workman's "The God that Comes", part of Vancouver's amazing PuSh Festival.  I've gone to a show or two at PuSh the last few years, and will see three this year, but next year - next year I'm determined to really give it the time it warrants.

Anyhow - what an incredible treat this performance was.  I have been a fan of Hawksley's since I first saw him perform in 2001, and I've seen him god knows how many times since - but never quite like this.  He has always been a theatrical performer, and this story-telling version of Hawksley was just...perfect.  A perfect demonstration of his myriad talent, a perfect subject, the perfect sized room, the perfect seats (front row, natch), the perfect company.  It was another one of those moments where you forget about the irritations of the day, and just marvel and how lucky you are to be just where you are.

There is a trailer for the piece posted below.  It doesn't do it justice, but it gives you an idea.  Now, just add on some lipstick, and a mannequin with a crotch-mounted harmonica, and you must just start to scratch the surface ...

This musical, theatrical delight will be touring nationally and internationally.  If it comes anywhere near you, GO.  Really.

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