Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013. Seriously?

Hard to believe.  But I guess it warrants a quick new year's post of some sort.  I'm admittedly a bit of a New Year's Eve Hater - it's an overblown night, with a focus on a fake sort of happiness that for me is infinitely depressing.  That being said, when spent with close pals, in a close pal's home laughing and eating and playing, it does give me an opportunity to reflect on what I have, and what I want for the year to come.  For once I have made a mental resolution list - it is a small one, and manageable - I think.  I will let you know how successful it was in 2014...maybe.

New Year's Day was spent with my frequent partners in crime, going on a chilly but lovely slightly-hikey walk in Cap Canyon, followed by soup and crazy good ginger cake.  It's important to start the year as you mean to go on, and so much of that day reflects exactly what I want my year to be.

And yesterday was spent on the ferry, going to meet the next member of the family in Nanaimo.  She should arrive next week.  She is extremely sweet, and seems just neurotic enough to fit in perfectly with this family.  Apparently she vomits on long car rides. So do I.  Obviously we're related.

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Tracy said...

Lucky pup! She is darling. xo