Monday, October 22, 2012

He makes 60 seem so appealing

Had the privilege of going to see David Byrne & St. Vincent last night at the Centre in Vancouver. Reasons I loved the night (in no particular order)

1. David Byrne - 60 and still making inventive, relevant, unique music - and still busting out those signature dance moves.

2. SECOND ROW SEATS!!! Wow. So great.

3. The Byrne voice over before the gig encouraging people to film, photograph, while being mindful of one's neighbours. Yes. YES.

4. The venue nazi who kept people from sneaking down to the stage. OK maybe I'm a Scrooge but I was loving my aisle seat, and the fact the was no one crammed in the aisle beside me - so more power to you, aisle Nazi!

5. Fantastic horn section. Heck, fantastic musicians all round

6. Did I mention second row seats?

7. No opener and an early show. I'm such a late night lightweight that I appreciated that.

These two talents work really well together, no doubt, and the music they've produced is complex, catchy and bright (thanks, horns!). Sure, I missed the tutu Byrne wore last time he was in town, but you can't have everything.

I taped three songs - here is one for your entertainment.  The lighting is a bit harsh in this one, but his dance moves make it worthwhile.

I also saw Sarah Polley's fantastic documentary "Stories we Tell" - beautifully conceived, postmodernist delightfulness - after "Take this Waltz" (LOVE that film), Polley may be my new Canadian filmmaking hero.  In this one, she interviews her family and family friends as she pieces together the story of her mother, and ultimately of herself.  Really, really worthwhile.  And for me, strangely timely as I had just had a conversation with my brother the night before about events from childhood - and how, like in Polley's film, our memories of the same events, and the stories we carry with us, are unique, incomplete, molded by time and by our own individual perceptions.  Engaging stuff, and well worth a watch.


Annie said...

Hey! I was there and I too had second row seats! Must have been on the other side of the theatre - sorry to have missed you, as it's been so very long (remember book club?) You always seem to go to shows I would have loved to go to then don't find out about until I look at your blog, but this one I actually go to. Hope to run into you soon!

BunkleLife said...

Annie, sorry I missed you! (and belated wedded bliss congrats!!). Hope to see you soon as well - and for things to see, go see the Hawksley Workman piece at PuSH - my spidey senses tell me it will be great!