Sunday, September 30, 2012

September - over and out!

I feel like I haven't actually had time to blog recently - life has been busy, but lovely busy.  And today is one of those days where I can't keep my good mood at bay.

What has been going on in September? (and I am writing these down mainly so I don't forget how much I enjoyed this month)

  • a wonderful dinner out with my dear pal T - I haven't seen her since May (faaaar too long), followed by this play - funny and surprisingly moving.  Rebecca Northan is genius - she manages to bring humour to the experience without ever making the laughs happen at the expense of the bewildered "date".  If I could have found the time to see it again, I would have.
  • VIFF-AWAY!  Yes, the Vancouver International Film Fest has started.  I've seen a couple of films that I've quite enjoyed so far - No , and Teddy Bear.  In summary, No is the one starring the actor with an oversized head; Teddy Bear is the one starring the actor with the oversized body.  13 more screenings to go.
  • A dance performance by amazing American dance company Cedar Lake, with my brother.  Neither of us knows a stitch about dance, but that doesn't stop the fascination.

  • Hikes in the woods with the lovely L.  Healing for body and soul. Enough said.
  • A night with The Shins (well, even if singer James Mercer is the only original member, we will still call the The Shins).  Proof once again that musically Portland was and is awesome.  My video? Not so much, but it will do (I ran out of space at the end, sorry)

  • A splurge on a fab pair of oxblood Miz Mooz high boots.  Too many boots? NEVER.
  • And...the joy of looking forward to some time off work, more films, more concerts, and a trip to Portland next weekend.
No complaints from my world, right at this moment...

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