Friday, January 01, 2010

Sometimes I like to feel used.

I've been doing some cooking and things around the house today (Happy New Year by the way), under the watchful, slightly withering gaze of Miss Mags.   She doesn't get as much copy on this blog as Thomas does - quite honestly, it is because Thom is so ridiculous looking, and so damn easy to photograph.  When Thomas sees the camera, he will start to purr and roll around.  Maggie - not so much.  She will immediately glare and vacate the area - UNLESS she is putting on her uber-sweet, needy kitty act to try to get something out of me (food).  Sucking up is a skill all cats have, but some are better at it than others.

And this is the joy of Maggie.  Unlike the sweet-natured (and slightly gormless) Thomas, she makes you work for it.  She has rules.  It doesn't mean she doesn't like hanging around with me - well, at least I assume so because she is usually lurking where ever I am when she is awake - but it also means she reserves the right to look slightly miserable while doing so (anyone with a teenager, or who has ever been a teenager, will know the look).  I know a lot of cat lovers that avoid female cats - they are commonly thought to be more intelligent and bit more...difficult... at least in comparison to the male of the species (why does that sound familiar?)  But somehow, that makes them all that much more interesting.   


Robyn said...

She looks and sounds a lot like my old cat Curvette. She had her own rules and could sometimes be difficult, but she had such an intriguing personality.

ImportanceOfWhatever said...

o wow! good photos. Maggie is so pretty