Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Is this what you mean by "in situ"?

In situ being code for "under the cats".

It's in an awkward spot to take a good photo (my dining room is really more of a wide hallway than a dining room, and I have yet to get an overhead light so the lighting is a bit of an issue), but I will try, soon.  Thankfully, I LOVE IT!! And so do the cats, unfortunately.  The pillow you catch a glimpse of on the seat below Thomas is part of the temporary cat-repellant setup (a combo of books and pillows).  The issue with the chair seats is that they are a very coarse weave that the cats will inevitably get stuck to.   Potential solution suggestions (that don't involve cat foot-binding, tempting though that is) welcome!


Seraphina said...

Yes, this is what I meant by "in situ"!!

Tough photo angle, but it looks good under the cats. As for scratch repellents ... good luck with that! Keeping a scratching post or six nearby may help, as would covering the chairs in - ugh - plastic (or other equally non-scratch material) for a while ... or spraying them with offensive bitter scent, which would repel you and your human friends too, so may not be all that helpful!

BunkleLife said...

Luckily the beasts aren't usually intentional furniture scratchers - it is more of an accidental claw hook issue. Thinking maybe of making slip covers in a tighter weave fabric (plastic? UGH indeed! ;)

Dominic Bugatto said...

Tin foil , works like a charm ;-)