Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Bunkle goes mid-century modern???


I am not at heart a danish modern fan (particularly not a teak fan) - but there was something about this rosewood table that just kind of felt right.  The grain and colour of the wood somehow goes back a lot further than the 60's, and the light, simple structure is kind of perfect for the very small space it will be placed in.   With leaves extended I will actually be able to seat ten.  TEN.  Better than the big fat zero I can currently seat ... and the little chairs are extremely comfortable - and come upholstered with fabric that the cats will LOVE destroying (nice coarse weave perfect for trapping cat claws).  Perfect.  I foresee more dinner parties, and more games nights, in 2010.

Anyway, the set arrives tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it will look like it belongs.


Tracy said...

love it. (no surprise there.) xo

sugarlove said...

This seems like a perfect (and beautiful) table for the next games night!!! Yay Bunkle! Love it.

BunkleLife said...

Thanks you two!!
Tracy - I will be sending it your way if it doesn't look good ;)
T1 - YES!! let the GAMES BEGIN!!!

Jennie said...

it's gorgeous!

Renaissance Gal said...

Purchased at Fullhouse by any chance? I am feeling very COVETOUS!!!