Friday, November 13, 2009

Necks are overrated.

It has been a long time since I have featured my flat faced roommate, so for those that have been missing him, here is Thomas watching shadows (I never said he was bright).
Sometimes he reminds me of a seal, sometimes a raw prawn (yes, you read that right), but these photos are pure space alien.  And we all know space aliens don't need necks.


sugarlove said...

That is ONE flat faced beastie!! I think he MUST be an alien!!

SarahScotty said...

Hey Janice, everytime I hear from you I am inspired to check your blog. It never fails to amuse me. Who honestly compares their cat to a raw prawn? Hahaha. Anyway, you inspired me to start a blog (maybe put the horse ahead of the cart a bit, since I recently lost my digital camera and have yet to replace it..) but anyway, am glad I can comment on your posts now :) Please don't think I'm a stalker - just a fan (fine line I know...but I ask for the benefit of the doubt.)