Monday, November 02, 2009

I *heart* David Sedaris

I had the good fortune to see David Sedaris last night as part of the Vancouver International Writers Festival.   He was at The Centre, which is fairly close to GM Place, which meant the area was milling with a bizarre combo of hockey fans hoping that the Canucks could redeem themselves, and literary junkies excited by the prospect of hearing Sedaris tell his often personal, sometimes bittersweet, and always hilarious stories for an hour or so.  It was one of those nights that caused me to make that weird sneeze sound that I emit when trying to suppress a slightly ill timed, anticipatory guffaw.  What a great time... and even after hearing the results of the hockey game, I'm pretty sure that all in all, the Sedaris fans had a better night (OK, I'm biased, I admit...)

I've included the only clip I could find on YouTube of Sedaris reading live.  Enjoy!

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sugarlove said...

I'm sure he was as brilliant in person as he is in an audio recording!! I look forward to hearing more details.