Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm a bit dizzy but...

...I will try and make sense despite that.  I seem to be going through a minor vertigo recurrance.  Frustrating but oh well, could be worse - as it is, I'm drugged out on gravol and codeine so I'm feeling no pain.

Saw the engaging Chad VanGaalen at the Rio Theatre last week.  Firstly, I love the venue - the lighting is a bit crap as it is really a movie theatre not a concert venue, but otherwise it is great - nice high stage, great view, comfy seats for old people - what more could you ask for? The concert wasn't life changing, but it sure was fun - Chad is an engaging guy (even when sporting a bizarre black wig) and you couldn't help but get drawn in.  And as the pal I was with said, it was a bit like seeing a Neil Young concert, but without the guitar solos - I hadn't realized how reminicent of Neil Chad's vocals can be until I saw him live (listen to this and you'll see what I mean).  

As for video quality? Well, it's crap due to the poor lighting, but hopefully it captures the spirit of the night.

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Unknown said...

First the wonky routers, and now the return of vertigo. Sorry to hear about that. Hope the drugs are kicking in. Glad you enjoyed Chad's offbeat character.