Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grizzly Bear...Again

Another fantastic time with Grizzly Bear last night.   What made it extra special?  The fact they were playing the Vogue theatre - a quiet, theatre style venue.  What a treat not to have the Commodore's constant clink of glasses and background chatter.  And cudos to a very respectful audience as well (with the notable exception of the insecure clingy girlfriend action in the row in front of us, which kept interfering with the view - I know, I know, not everyone needs to sit stock still.  Hang on - yes, in my world they do).

I don't really know what else to say about the night without sounding like a drooling idiot, so I will let the videos speak for themselves.  Sorry about the wandering camera in the second video - I was trying to avoid the giant head of the squirming girl sitting in front of me.  Sigh.  I didn't tape much, mostly because I didn't want to break the spell of just watching the band.  I should mention that security asked if I had a camera on the way in, and I furrowed my brow and said "camera?" like it was a foreign word, let him look through the main pocket of my bag (which didn't contain my camera, obviously), and walked merrily to my seat.  I think that the harsher the check is at the door, the less people they have observing the crowd for people filming.  Who knows, but it's my theory for today.

A shout out also to the opening act, The Morning Benders - very talented young guys, and they managed to keep me and my pal L. impressed and engaged the whole way through, which isn't actually that easy a feat.  Something tells me these guys were all in jazz band in high school - and it's paid off in spades.  There are smatterings of The Dodos and Grizzly Bear in what they do, but hey in the big picture those aren't bad influences to have.

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Robyn said...

Favourite concert of the year (that, and Bat for Lashes at Venue). Thanks for sharing!