Sunday, August 09, 2009

Do they eat blue potatoes in Paris?

(Je voudrais une pomme de terre bleue s'il vous plait..?)

No energy to post. My brain is starting to turn to plans for a 10 day excursion to Paris in a couple of weeks. I have been reading carefully how not to be mistaken for an American tourist - because that's what the tips lists seem to focus on (eg. don't wear white I even own white sneakers?). I have been mentally packing. And repacking. And giving myself pep talks on how to be a non-irritable travel companion while reviewing a few key French phrases (see above). Some of it is coming back. Most of it is not. But as long as I can ask for a blue potato, I will be fine.

Anything else I need to do?


Mr. Man said...

Here is a handy phrase "je voudrais un avocat qui parle anglais svp"

sugarlove said...


I think you need to remember that:
a) you are an excellent traveler
b) you do not sport even ONE annoying tourist trait
c) you do not appear to own a pair of white sneakers
d) you probably speak more French than the average North American tourist
e) you actually enjoy traveling - it's FUN
f) in the event of a melt down, there is always the mini-bar, or a corner store that sells cheap vino

Personally, I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Hugs from Sugarlove Girl

BunkleLife said...

Sugarlove Girl,
Is this not a demonstration of why you and Mr Man balance each other so well?
And Mr. Man - that phrase makes me think you are a much more interesting traveller than I am...

Rob from Lyminge said...

We play spot the French tourist. It's very easy 'cos they're often to be found in the clothing section of our local supermarket. They always talk so loudly... a bit like americans, but with dress sense!

Jennie said...

Have a lovely trip! Save a few days to shop... so much gorgeousness!

Anonymous said...

I loved Mr Man's advice phrase, once I realized he was not looking for an English-speaking avocado :-).