Sunday, August 23, 2009


A quick post, my last before flying to Paris on Wednesday. This one is really a way of avoiding doing all the things I need to do today (AUGH!), but I will make it short. I do plan to take my laptop with me this trip, and have hopes of doing some posts while sipping wine and eating cheese - or something like that. I do get worked up before trips - particularly with the whole packing thing - but am usually fine as soon as I get to the airport and things become, pleasantly, out of my control.

Before I go - a few quick words on The Dead Weather show on Friday night. INTENSE. Putting Alison Mosshart and Jack White in a band together is a stroke of genius, both musically and because they are both so crazily riveting to watch on stage. The Commodore was completely packed and the energy in the place was great. My camera had less fun with it all - poor thing was losing its digital mind trying to cope with the glaring blue lights and strobes. I didn't film much, and I'm not sure what I did capture really conveys how much they owned the place.

There are a couple more videos, as per usual, here.


Tracy said...

We were your way as you know. But no time in Van this time. I knew you'd be busy and I was a little shy 'bout driving in the city on my own. Anyway - we will meet again. And in the meantime - bon voyage!!


sugarlove said...

I know you will have a brilliant trip, and I so look forward to the potential of a post involving photos and words about the wine, the cheese and the pastry. Have a blast!

Hugs. *Mwah*

ImportanceOfWhatever said...

Have fun in Paris. Glad you enjoyed The Dead Weather - so jealous ;o)