Friday, March 13, 2009

San Fran...

I'm BAAACK...after a fun few days with Miss T. in San Fran. Weather was stunning. Miss T. trying on grad dresses was stunning. I was less than stunning, but worked hard on my ability to stand outside change rooms and field questions about "my TALL daughter."(for those that don't know, Miss T. is 6" taller than my 5'5" - we are definitely of the same genetic stock, but she is the baguette version, I am the sourdough loaf). Considered making a "she's my niece, and yes we both know she is tall" sign to hold up as I waited by the dressing room doors...


Alcatraz! (you have to read that word with the scary drama it deserves). Fun times - but you know, it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there...

Hotel Cleaning Staff: We stayed at the Hilton, which worked out well for a whole bunch of reasons. As we walked to the elevators we ran into the woman cleaning the rooms, and she looked at us and started laughing hysterically and saying something that neither of us could understand (thick accent) UNTIL the last sentence "My son is much taller than me TOO!" (followed by more laughter). Decided not to burst her bubble and we both smiled and nodded before cracking up in the elevator.

Canteen: YUM - such a great meal in a really fun setting. Our prix-fixe meal included smoked mackerel with olive butter & a salad of raw artichoke and endive, duck confit with beans and green onion sausage, roast rhubarb with meringue in a strawberry sauce. OH - should mention the meal was accompanied with the most mind blowingly tastey brioche. So good. And fun to do when you are eating with someone who (like me) is fairly foody-open-minded. Particularly when you have a view of the cute chef at work.

Dress shopping: Tiring, no doubt, but a highlight none the less. I would guess that we went to about 8 stores in about the same number of hours, Miss T. tried on about 30 dresses give or take, and after narrowing it down to three finally chose her favorite. The girl has unflagging shopping energy. UNFLAGGING.

Lots of other things were fun too - the cable car (of course), wandering around Alamo Square looking at the amazing painted Victorian houses and the weird display of planted shoes, and lying around in the hotel room watching stupid TV before bed with Miss T's commentary.

And I will end off with a very short pan of San Fran from the boat to Alcatraz


Tracy said...

oh tuey. so grown up. time yada yada. looks like a fun trip!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice pics of San Fran.

I've been to Alacatraz too , & it's damn creepy.

Hope you're keeping well.