Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big and small...

Bit of a random post this time around....firstly, a couple of the newer felties - a piccolo porco made for my friend A's birthday (Happy Birthday!), which I couldn't resist posing with a bigger companion; and the newest version of Thomas, which colour-wise is much better than my first effort though I am not 100% happy with his face. I will be replacing his eyes with a slightly more yellow pair when they arrive in the mail (what a weird sentence that is...) I should mention that the real life Thom was suffering from a case of "goopy eye" (official medical term) in his left eye when these snaps were taken, so he isn't showing his peepers off to their full extent.

More importantly this week is Art Bergmann week on the concert front. Really really looking forward to it...though not so sure I'm looking forward to the teenage memories it is bound to rustle up. Here's a taste (very poor quality vids...but hey, remember it was 1980)...can't wait, can't wait.

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