Sunday, December 14, 2008


And so very glad to be here.

Halifax / Toronto trip was fine - lightning fast, but all in all it went OK as far as work trips go. Strangely, we have more snow here in Vancouver than I saw anywhere else.

Maggie flopped on my suitcase this morning - whether it is just her need to be on things or whether it is her way of indicating the suitcase is not leaving the house again for a while, I'm not sure.

And on my trip I found:

1) my new year's resolution: learn how to needle felt.

2) a new pair of short waterproof boots that I am maybe too excited about. Warmth? Waterproof? Non-slip soles? Super cushy comfort? Ahhh, I am getting old ....


Anonymous said...

Maggie is beautiful! Glad you came home from your Halifax trip safely!

BunkleLife said...

She would agree with you.... ;)