Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watching this somehow makes it better

There has been too much on my brain of late. Killing wasps. Whether it is better to quit or be fired. My Dad's diaper rash. What the ideal assistant would be like, as I now have to find one. How great my friends are. How life could be easier. Why cats are so scared of vacuums. How life could be a lot more difficult. And how I loath self pity, particularly in myself.

Somehow, watching this shines a little light amongst the chaos.

Later all.


Jennie said...

A world that could produce Sufjan Stevens must be alright, right? sigh, he's so beautifully shy.. As always, your blog is so wonderful to read Jan -so inspiring and always makes me laugh too. Hope being a bit down in the dumps doesn't last too long. Have you seen the kitty treadmill? That is a never fail cheer-up... jennie

Tracy said...

hey Jan - i have been told i am a good assistant ;)
hope we can hook up in the next couple of weeks.
thinking of you and sending you lots of love.

oh - and jennie! where are you???

BunkleLife said...

Hey gals!! You'd be amazing T., but I wouldn't wish it on anyone I care about ;-) Hope we can hook up!! And Jennie, great to hear from you - and the treadmill video is a fave (though I usually go straight for Winston on fourfour.typepad if I need a laugh)