Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things that start with R....


I could have done without the first, but the second made it bearable.
And I didn't bring my camera this time (I was too pessimistic about the rain/security/my ability to get close enough to film anything worthwhile), but luckily someone did and I have borrowed their video of Karma Police (thank you, whoever you are).

I have wanted to see Radiohead for a long time. Thom Yorke fascinates me for reasons that might reveal a bit too much about me (and it's not just because his name is Thom like my cat's...and that there are at times - not good times if you are the cat Thom - some similarities between their eyes...and it's not just his laugh), and the music is layered and complex and unique and moving and and get the idea. Despite the bizarre crowd handling (gather everyone into a big holding pen like cattle for an hour or so, let them through slowly into another holding pen...) and my reticence about really big outdoor venues, particularly on really rainy Vancouver nights, it was all worthwhile. My wet legs, cramping ass, and general coldness - all worth it. If I enjoyed it this much when I wasn't in love with the weather or the venue, would my head have exploded if it was in a smaller, dry indoor venue? Likely. Would I have paid three times as much for that experience? At least.

But for now, I'll just be glad I had my Northface raincoat, and that I was lucky enough to be there.

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Dominic Bugatto said...

Wouldn't have minded seeing radiohead myself,great band.New LP 's pretty good too.

Perhaps your affinity for Thom Yorke stems from his uncanny likeness to Martin Short ;)

Later, Dom