Saturday, May 24, 2008

Things that start with B...Birthday, Beirut...

Today's challenge: writing about the Beirut concert this week without falling into a musical swoon. I'm actually thinking it's not possible, but here goes...

Reasons this was a Bunklelife near-perfect concert experience:

1) Huge whack of people on the stage
- I know, this isn't a logical reason perhaps, but for some reason I love the energy and visual spectacle of this kind of thing.

2) Huge whack of people playing instruments not played by Rush - Sorry Rush (OK, no I'm not). But I have a passion for accordion and violin. And though I won't say I have a passion for french horn, it's great to see a good brass section too.

3) Phenoms excite me no end - Zach Condon is astounding. He is 22... 22. And I know there are a lot of great young musicians out there, but there aren't many that have the complex and rich musical vision baby-faced Zach does. It gives me hope, it really does. And he is able to pull together a group of talented musicians that are obviously enjoying working with him.

4) Byronic hair - Don't believe me? Check this out. Ya, I know, not a good reason. But it adds to the romance don't you think?

5) Passionate audience - The key to this is passionate yet respectful... which in general they were.

6) Friends and family - and a birthday that didn't make me feel cranky about getting older

So - here is Nantes for your enjoyment!

And Mount Wroclai, filmed by my bro:

There are lots of other videos here as always. And before I forget - yay to Laura Barrett for getting the opening slot. The noisy Commodore not really the right venue for her quiet performance, but it was great to see the majority of the audience paying attention.

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Jorge Amigo said...

Once again, thank you for the fabulous videos!

If I were to copy expand your flawless list, #7 would be the guy with the enormous spiked punk hair...did you see him? (I love finding a person in a concert dressed as a fan of a completely different musical genre...because it clashes with and destroys my stereotypes)