Friday, May 30, 2008

I can't sleep so...

I'm in my Ottawa hotel room and it's way too early. And I can't sleep, which considering I should still be on Vancouver time makes no sense. Oh well.

Ottawa is a slightly odd place. I'm thinking maybe all government towns are odd. One cool thing though - we had dinner in the Rideau Club last night in a private room full of Karsh photos (with his famous Churchill photo at the head of the table). Kind of neat.

And I will take a brief moment to mention the Breeders gig last weekend. Really enjoyable night, and a real contrast to Beirut. The Deal sisters looked like they rolled off their tour bus right onto the stage, and there in lies their own completely unconsidered sense of cool. It gives me hope that women over the age of 40 can still be Richards was packed, which was also great to see. And because I'm a nice person, I will say absolutely nothing about the opening act (name of which I have purged from my brain thank god), or the fact that Tegan (of Tegan and Sara) recommended them to the Breeders. Why? WHY? Sigh.

I have lots of vids to post, as does my bro - I've only managed three so far, so here is one for Divine Hammer - not great quality thanks to the slightly crap Richards lighting. My camera just isn't that happy in low light:

Just to prove my camera doesn't like low light, here is a really pathetic looking but OK sounding video of Dan Mangan at the Penthouse last Sunday - he was playing as part of a songwriters circle with Nat Jay and James Lamb. Great night, great opportunity to go into a strip club without having to see strippers, and as always, a great performance (from all actually). If this guy doesn't go far I will shave my cats to look like poodles. OK, no I won't. But he deserves any fame that comes his way.

Alright, I should go have a shower or something I guess, and get ready for day #2 of my Ottawa weekend of work fun. Pray for me.

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