Sunday, August 05, 2007

A post apocalyptic world....

Out in the garden early this morning to do a bit of mowing and weeding before the sun got too hot....and before my back, which right now is very bad, completely seizes up (typically, worse after I saw a physiotherapist Friday, but I'm hoping it is just a part of the ... healing ...process...ouch/sigh. I have discovered interesting ways of putting on socks and underwear without bending, which I like to think will be a helpful skill at some future point).

What I ended walking into was a word that reminded me in no uncertain terms of who or what is actually in charge out there ... what will be around long after I'm gone, what would likely survive any sort of nastiness we may unleash upon the world:

1)raccoons - making their presence known by delicately scattering my garbage in front of my basement door. Don't think there was much edible in there, but lots of cool stuff to strew around apparently

2) horsetail - reading about this stuff, I gather it was the first plant to grow around Mt. Saint Helen after the eruption. In fact, the crappier the soil, the happier it is. Which is telling me something about the soil quality in one of the gardens in the back of the house...hmmm...

3) dandelions - enough said. Tiny, cute little dandelion - leaves perhaps 1 1/2" long. Tap root at least a foot long. I throw my hands up in surrender.

I will sigh and plod on like the deluded garden-insurgent I am, knowing that the battle will never be won by my side. I will bring out some more subtle weaponry perhaps - some fertilizer for the back gardens, and some vinegar for my horsetail friends (I gather vinegar on the soil around them will do them in, provided it doesn't rain). Fight on, fight on.

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