Friday, February 23, 2007

Let me go wild, like a Bunkle in the sun...

I'm sick. And it's sunny. Which I guess is better than being sick when it's rainy? I'm leaving that for tomorrow - it's supposed to rain all weekend.

One thing the sun is bringing out are the bulbs in the garden - still a suprise to me as this is really my first Bunkle spring. As you can tell by the weeds and rotting leaves, last year (and this year so far) did not include focussing on the garden. At all. I'm hoping that this year I can at least get it looking less completely unloved, but there is so much inside I still want to do. Dilemma, dilemma. I try to remind myself there is time, lots of time, it doesn't all need doing RIGHT NOW. But then I wonder where exactly all that time is, because it seems surprisingly scarce to me. Oh well. We'll get there.

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