Saturday, January 27, 2007

Inspiration Anyone?

It feel like it has been so long since I've worked on the Bunkle that my blogs have gotten a bit...thin. I sat down to write this more out of a sense of duty than anything, because all I really feel like doing is posting photos of the cats and being done with it, but that also feels kind of unsatisfying. I have felt some swell of inspiration rising when I read my pal T.'s blog - do I reveal 5 little known facts? Maybe next time. I've also considered ranking movies, or music, or... but somehow that seemed even more self indulgent, and more to the point I usually can't make a list I am completely satisfied with. That may not stop me in the future, so stand warned.

So - what's been going on recently:

1) I managed to board a plane with a box cutter in my carry-on bag on my trip back from Toronto. No, it wasn't intentional...I found it when I unpacked at home. The bag was a new purchase, so it must have been in there when I bought it. Creepy...and so much for the false sense of security when flying.

2) I continue to sew small things for next Christmas. Here are the latest batch, inspired by another crafter I found through T's blog.

3) Gollies are framed. No, the frame isn't asymmetrical, the photo is!!

4) Managed to buy a blouse at Winners today after much searching. Then promptly left the bag in the washroom at the mall. Living in hope some kind soul hands it in. Sigh.

5) Went to my lovely friend L's 40th birthday dinner the other night, and rediscovered the joys of Scrabble. I love board games, and I'm not ashamed of it...ok, maybe a bit.

That's it. I'll be back...when I feel inspired... :) In the meantime, here's another photo of the cats - is it just me, or is there is something Bergmanesque about it? They are both on the kitchen table (I have tried, I have tried, I have tried, but they have won. It should be noted that this was taken about 5 minutes after I had wiped it clean). This does give you a peek at the hideous wallpaper in the kitchen, which will be replaced with paint soon. I promise!!


Unknown said...

Hey J - there's an episode of Extras where the female lead attempts to hide her gollywog from her new male suitor (black, natch). Hi-lar-i-ous. That said, I can't believe you framed yours! My post-colonial comrades at the university would have a heart attack. Can I borrow it? Hah.

Ummmmm box cutter? Was in your NEW bag? How does that happen? In a new bag? And how did you manage to get that past security? Jaysis.

Anonymous said...

yes. boxer cutter in the bag. very odd. but more importantly - what kind of bag did you buy??
i'd love a list, my friend. movies? let me live vicariously... xo oh - and love love the mittens.

grayelf said...

Five weird (?) things about this Blog Commentator:

1. I'm convinced that you have a stuffed toy that looks exactly like Thos (see today's Tom-feet pic).

2. I'm slightly afraid of letting fog touch me (NB It's foggy here in Van today).

3. If I hang upside down and look at you, you will be reminded of a hamster (so I'm told).

4. I keep a list of the TV shows I like on the computer so I don't forget to tape (or now DVD-R) them.

5. I wait with 'bated breath for your next blog posting... really... pretty much check every day... more please...

BunkleLife said...

Whoah - it always amazes me that people actually check my blog... :)

J2: Oooh ya. I'll have a party some day and you can invite your comrades. I will ensure I'm wearing a Golly pin and have my ceramic Golly jazz band displayed (as mentioned in an old posting, my Golly love can't be hidden, wrong though it may be)

T: Bag was a carry on laptop bag with wheels. And complementary box cutter.

Grayelf: Ok, you know you're going to have to hang upside down for me now. Maybe after brunch today? ;-)