Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A ten tonne catastrophe on a 60 lb chain...

Had the remarkable good luck to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds this past weekend.  This is one of those moments when you thank whatever cosmic alignment was necessary to bring them to town, and to have them play my current fave venue, the Vogue.

I could go on and on about the reverence I have for Nick Cave.  Don't worry, I won't.  But I will say that the man has an amazing brain - and he is probably one of the strongest lyricists around.  Heck, arguably one of the strongest writers, based on his film work and other writing.  The best singer in the world? Probably not - but his voice is perfectly suited to the material, and he can sell a song like no one else.

A couple of fine examples from two ends of the Bad Seeds spectrum, c/o my frere and his superior videoing skills - first, the lovely Into My Arms (I challenge any other lyricist to work in "interventionist God":

And the EPIC Stagger Lee:

We were so lucky. SO lucky. And really, there isn't much else to say.

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