Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just give me a name

A brief post about a couple of this weekend's fun escapades:

Firstly, the last of this season's DanceHouse shows - Carte Blanche's "Corps de Walk", which was much more amazing than this clip makes it seem. A piece that felt somehow industrial and sensual at the same time - and danced by people wearing creepy grey contact lenses to boot.

Will definitely want to buy tickets for next season.  I'm not sure I understand contemporary dance any more than I did two or three years ago, but I find it more and more compelling as time goes on.

And secondly - a great concert with long-time Canadian alt-folk/popster, Hayden, touring on his lovely recent album Us Alone.  Musically, he remains the stark, subtle, heartbreaking artist he's always been - and live he was a joy, as he's been every time I've seen him - a quietly funny guy, as many of the more poignant songwriters often are.  A quietly funny guy with totally epic hair, that unfortunately my poor video quality doesn't do justice.  This is one of the poppier tunes from the most recent album, performed with Lou Canon, who also did an opening set.

The Rio is quickly becoming one of my favorite place to see quieter performers - but YAY to the high stage, and the comfy seating.  The lighting could do with some work, but otherwise they're doing a grand job.

One of these days I will feel like writing something more thought provoking.  But not today.  It's too sunny out.

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