Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Big Smoke

I've been in Toronto since Wednesday night. The flight over was fine - except for the two hour delay in deplaning after we touched down. Oh Ontario electrical storms, how you like to toy with us! What I'd don't understand is why they don't seem to be able to air condition planes that aren't in flight - it turned into a sauna in, that makes it sound too pleasant. Thank god for my trusty iPad, at least I had something to entertain myself with.

Overall it has been a good trip - work has gone pretty well, we did some dragon boating which was actually pretty fun, and for the first time in a long time I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about being in Toronto. Nostalgic in a good way, I think. I am sure it is in part that I'm really looking forward to seeing friends over the next few days - which I am, I am feeling a strong need to reconnect and regroup with my Toronto peeps - and in part just a product of my life shape shifting over the last little while. This I think will help me find my bearings again, at least a little bit.

One thing that is killing me is the weather - the stormy pressure changes have my head pounding, reminding me that this is truly the breeding ground of migraines and all sorts of other noggin pain. I will soldier on, tossing back Tylenol with codeine and hoping the wine I look forward to consuming with Rich & MM tonight will make things better, not worse (let me hang on to that delusion please)

Had dinner in the Distillery District last night...this snap was taken there. I think next time I'm out this way I'm going to stay for a bit longer and dig myself back into this city a bit more tightly once again. I would never move back, but a home away from home is a nice thing to have.

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