Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Dead Yet

Well, DOXA wrapped up this past weekend. Looking back, I think this DOXA was the best yet - at least for me - in terms of the consistency and quality of the films. Sure, a couple were flawed, but still worth the time - and a few were truly remarkable.
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet is one of the truly remarkable ones. Good old fashion shred guitar isn't one of my favorite things by any stretch of the imagination, but Jason Becker's story is an amazing one, beautifully told. The guy is still a mischievous ladies man, and an incredibly driven creative spirit, despite the limitations brought on by ALS. Any time you're feeling sorry for yourself, pull this one out of the DVD rack (once it's released, that is!). Truly lovely stuff. In other news, the sun is finally shining, work is too busy and stressful for my liking, and...well, and. That's all for now.

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