Monday, August 15, 2011

Water sports - AKA hot tubs, hot springs, and water rescues

Boating Peeps
It has been a looong time coming, this post!  The capped-one (aka The Boy) has been poking me about getting this post done, so tonight I will spend a few minutes for a quick catch up.

Firstly - the beginning of August was spent with the Boy's peeps in Nelson BC - a truly lovely place.  We were spoiled by gluten-free baking, nights in the hot tub looking at the stars (so many! hello milky way!), and evenings on the lake trying to convince the trout that 'the pink wiggler' was worth taking a look at.  Day trips to old growth forest,  Ainsworth hot springs, an intrepid boat rescue, and a visit from a black bear topped it all off.  His peeps could not have been more lovely and welcoming, and it felt so good to be away from the every day, to feel the hot sun for once this summer, and to spend an uninterrupted week together.  It was hard to come back from it all (not just because of the 10+ hour drive), but I know there are many other trips we have to look forward to.  I will also take a moment to extol the cuteness of my new retro swimsuit - super comfy and flattering to those that require something flattering ;)  I've included a few snaps - including that rarest of photographs, one in which the Boy smiles a toothy grin - something I love, even if he doesn't.

Since we've been back, we have seen Beirut - another great concert by Zach Condon et al, loved every minute of it.  We also saw a musical extravaganza of quite a different variety - Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots) - an
Australian duo that perform as Otto and Astrid Rot, siblings from Berlin. Their "Kunst Rock" (Art Rock) show is a brilliant, silly fun parody of a variety of musical genres. My face hurt from smiling through it all, and that alone was worth the price of admission!

That's it.  For now.  I do have more to post about, and hopefully I will soon! :)


Greek Pot Lover said...

Those are some relaxing photos - nice trip!! - I gonna date the boy... ;) Catch a fishy?

BunkleLife said...

You are welcome to date the Boy anytime - in fact I think you have?? And - just a tiddler.