Monday, January 17, 2011

I escaped, but I'm back now...

I know I have been AWOL for a while now, but it was a difficult end of year, and it's taken me some time to feel like posting again.  But here I am, strapping the blogging wheels back on again...

Back from a self-made long weekend with the Boy at Harrison Hot Springs.  We were both feeling the need to recoup from the holidays, and we decided to get away as a bit of a mutual Christmas present.  Harrison seemed to fit the bill because it is an easy drive, but is still far enough away to feel...well...away.  Anyhow -  this is where we stayed, and I can say nothing but good things about it. 

Now, there isn't much to do in Harrison - except soak in the hot springs (but the public hot spring is cooled to 38C, making it Harrison Tepid Springs, which isn't that appealing) or go for a hike or to the (windy) beach - so check your expectations for excitement at the door.  That being said, if you want to find somewhere to go where you can hole up in your own cozy cottage, play board games, drink wine, and soak in a tub that is big enough for a family of four, it is worth going to Harrison just to stay at one of the wee riverside cottages.  Not to say we didn't get out for a walk, but the weather was misty and windy (read: rain and gale force wind) much of the time - and that was just fine.  It just felt good to be away from it all and be left to our own devices.  And to have time to discover a new found passion.

A couple more comments about the accommodation - we were left alone (completely and utterly undisturbed! yay!) the entire time, though the couple running the place were extremely gracious and helpful.   I look forward to coming back in spring when the trees are leafy and the weather is warm enough to sit out on the porch and gaze at the river.

Do we look like dissatisfied customers?  I think not.  Do we look like a couple of green-eyed crazy people?  Perhaps.  But that's not such a bad thing to be.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! That looks like the perfect getaway. And Carcasonne looks cool -- I think we have it but haven't played it yet. Maybe on the 20th??


Tracy said...

I've picked up Carvasonne and put it down. I am going to pick it up again. We are a bit obsessive when a new game enters the house. But perhaps that is not a bad thing :)

Glad you got a get-away. That last picture of you two is so lovely. Happy New Year xoxoxo