Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend away...

The Boy and I managed a weekend away on the Sunshine Coast.  It kills me that the summer is almost over, but I count my lucky stars that we managed to get out of the city at least once.  The weather cooperated, the cabin cooperated, the lawnmower didn't, but we found a way around that (and no it didn't involve kitchen scissors.  Or teeth). 

I don't really have much to report in terms of Big Events during the trip - we went to Gibsons, and to Robert's Creek to mingle with the nouveau hippies; we hung out on rocky beaches so The Boy could investigate the tidal pools (ok, ok...I like tidal pools too...).  But maybe it is the lack of big events that made it so good.

There are a number of decent photos - well, at least I think they're good...but I will stick to three that are sort of related, and won't get me into trouble with anyone who may have appeared in said photos.  The first is the point at Robert's Creek, with a couple of tempting benches perched on the very end.  The second, yours truly trying the bench out for size, followed by my view of The Boy from the bench.  I know, not all that exciting.  But for me, it tells a story.  And it's my blog after all.

 Who knows, there maybe another story to tell if I feel so inclined - this one likely involving crabs (the kind you find on the beach).  We shall see.

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~L said...

Love photos miss J! Glad you guys had a great time :)