Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's been a while...

I'm baaaaack.

Well, sort of.  I think.

I haven't been compelled to post recently.  Partly, there has been too little to say, partly, there has been too much.  I have been preoccupied to say the least for the last few weeks.  By what? By the recipient of our little hat wearing friend to the left.  It was his birthday Friday, a week (almost) after my own.  

And I will break my own rule about not revealing too much personal stuff in this blog, just this once.  The birthday boy is a relatively new addition to my life.  I knew when I met him, sometime between the girl-fight and the Bollywood film set, that something was likely going to happen.   And happen it has.  And it has surprised me, thrilled me, and thrown me into fits of complete and utter panic.  It has made me realize that I haven't really dealt with all the crap I thought I had neatly tied up and discarded.  It has made me realize how hard it is for me to TRULY be in the moment, and not always judging, weighing, assessing, projecting. Worrying.  It has reminded me of the weight and responsibility of holding someone's trust and affection, and the joy of finding someone worthy of doing the same for me.

It is completely and utterly terrifying.  And incredibly, indescribably wonderful.

And that is about all I will say for now.  Except that he is quite unlike anyone I've met before.   And I'm so very, very lucky.

Back to our regular impersonal programming next time ;)


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Dominic Bugatto said...

Happy for ya ......... is ok to feel a little creeped out by the pic , that little fella's got an 'Eraserhead' quality about him ;-)

BunkleLife said...

Only you could find the Lynch qualities of a small sock monkey Dom - but hey, I'm OK with that ;)