Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday - A story of Luff and Hate

This is a picture of how my day started.  No, I'm not preparing to operate, I'm preparing to finish off the incredibly annoying job of stripping paint from my f&^%ing bathroom window...all so I can paint it again.  There was so much paint (cracking, peeling paint) that it really had to be done before the full bathroom reno is done.  The hazmat gear is to protect me from potential lead in the paint.  Wish I'd thought of that before I spent hours stripping it previously...sigh.  Still, it is as done now as it will be.  Next step: primer.

What made it all worthwhile was knowing that I had a guaranteed evening of fun ahead, with my own true cultural luff, Brent (*dramatic swoon*) Bambury - and the annual Vancouver taping of CBC radio's GO!

So much fun. 

And dare I say it one more time -  look at those pipes!  All he needs is a Lycra suit and cape, and Brent would be as close to a Canadian Superhero as you could possibly want.

He was joined on stage with another CBC hottie, Ian HandsomeManThing.

I feel like a broken record harping on about how much I love CBC radio.  It is such an incredible treat to get to participate in that rarest of rarities, a live radio show, and so much fun to watch people that are obviously having fun.  It was the Western finals of the GO!'s Canada Writes contest, and the contestants and judges (including John Mann from Spirit of the West, another personal fave of mine) were all brilliant.  Listen for yourself here - you can hear me and my pals cheering from the second row if you listen carefully enough.

Topping it all off? Dinner out to celebrate the birthday of the lovely A, fellow Brent lover and GO! fanatic.  You couldn't ask for a better Friday night.


sugarlove said...

Might I point out that you kind of rock the whole mask thing? Seriously! You look like a hot chick from a sci-fi show! (Just sayin'). Not everyone can pull that off, you know!

While your day may not have started well, it sure ended brilliantly. I too had tickets to the Go taping, and I had to - well - let them GO because I ended up being double booked! Alas. Because I too luff Mr. Bambury. He is one hot tamale (and smart to boot). I'm glad that one of us got to enjoy his pipes and his smarts....

favneicetuez said...

hi auntie ja-knee, you should probs wear all that gear on your face when you go poling, i mean pollution.. and people would probably take pictures of you, you could have a special sort of celebrity status. what im tryin to say is, wear that out.