Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Portraits

It takes all kinds.
This Olympic Portrait is by my fantastic stealth photographer pal A., taken at la Place de la Francophonie at Granville Island last night.  We had a brief chat with our new friend - and, indeed, he does love his foreskin, and we got to learn the many, many reasons why.  Not sure if anyone else loves it, but honestly, I don't think it matters to him.
And he does sell the t-shirts if anyone wants one.  I suggested he start making mugs as well.

Funniest moment?  The fact that A.'s rabbi called her during our chat with ILMF.  ILMF cut the conversation short after that - so to speak...


Seraphina said...

Yes, it was very funny to see his expression suddenly change from "Cool, I love talking to women about my penis" to "Holy Mother of God, get me outta here before they force me to convert and cut off my you-know-what!!"

TM said...


Also hilarious.

Hello! Long time, no talk, friend! Hope all is well. Just read your newer comment on my movies post. The White Ribbon was stunning. Absolutely amazing, totally breathless.