Thursday, December 10, 2009

TO...or the T-dot...or Tawranna...

Yes, I'm in Toronto.

And I know I will get grief from my brother for saying anything nice about this city, but that's the price I have to pay I guess.  Few self respecting Westerners would be caught dead saying kind things about Toronto.  You just...don't.

And I am happy I left.  Really.


I love coming back.  Even if it is for a short time, when I don't have time to see many pals (though that is what I love the most!), or do much other than try to work while feeling like a zombie from jet-lag induced lack of sleep.  It is funny how big and exciting a place it feels now.  How much more I appreciate the different neighborhoods.  And the crazy volume of (good) restaurants.  What seemed too much, too tedious before is FUN now - because all at once it feels new, and like home.  Kind of.  Strange, that.

The trip started with the top photo of Miss Mags.  She hates the suitcase.  Or rather, hates that she can't claim ownership of it.  This photo doesn't reflect how fiercely grumpy she looked.  Both cats know what the suitcase means I think, and they are none too pleased about it.  I had a real battle getting her out, then getting her off the top of it, then getting her off the suits I had put on the bed to pack - she hunkered down, growled like something out of Pet Cemetery, and wouldn't budge.  I had to bribe her off with food.  I think she slept on it all night.

And the second photo is outside my hotel window.  Not a great view this time around - I look straight on to another building, but oh well.

And I will be back on Saturday.  It's a short, short trip.

But I'll be back.  Soon.  I hope.


esther said...

Aw. Everyone in Toronto says nice things about Vancouver... except me. But I'm looking to change that this time around when I go to Vancouver on the 18th. Enjoy your time here!


sugarlove said...

I think Tawranna is a great place to visit. But we really do live in paradise..... See you soon. (in paradise) xo

Tracy said...

i miss it too. perhaps a rendez vous someday. in the meantime, we drive north - to paradise - in two weeks. can.not.wait. xo

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice bumping into ya.

Have a great holidays.