Thursday, July 09, 2009


My NEW back garden (thanks Mel! - that's her on my back porch...)

Less that beautiful:
  • rat face & tail, connected by a few entrails, found on the back path. Poop from satisfied coyote, found nearby.
  • new loaner fridge, which is squished into my kitchen alongside my regular fridge. Sigh. This fridge saga is OBVIOUSLY not over...
  • the lack of fence in the back yard (or rather, the stellar view of the alley & my car). Next year, next year.


sugarlove said...

The new garden IS beautiful and calls for only ONE thing: GARDEN PARTY!!!!

(this lawn is begging to have people with croquet mallets in their hands wearing big hats and drinking Pims. What IS Pims anyway?)

BunkleLife said...

Pimms = refined fruity joy in a glass (if that doesn't sound british, I don't know what does...)
Will have you and Mr Man over for some soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah BunkleGarden!


Anonymous said...

Yea, BunkleGarden!


Anonymous said...

Very lovely indeed!! One step at a time :)