Saturday, June 27, 2009

garden, garden, garden...

I have a whopping headache so this will be brief...but I do have to share some of the new members of the family with the rest of the world.

The bunkle garden has been a long standing problem, and has been far from the focus of my time. I don't really have many "before" pictures (some here) because the before was not something I wanted to record. But the after - well, that's something else!

Over the last few weeks the lovely Mel has been ripping, digging, sawing, trimming, planting, and (I suspect) sweating. I didn't have any firm direction as to what I wanted, except something easy to look after. Every day, I'd come home and things would have changed. Significantly. It was so fun, and so exciting. All the planting was done when I was in London, so apart from rather excited emails from my mum and Mel, I had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, I loved it. So much, that I have asked Mel to turn her talents to the back nightmare...I mean, garden. Can't wait :)

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sugarlove said...

Methinks you need to now host a GARDEN party!!! Croquet anyone?

Serious niceness in the Bunkle, BunkleLife. Nice work.