Saturday, January 10, 2009

Close enough...

OK, so it isn't actually a picture of me in the tub...but close enough. I had a couple of small friends removed from my scalp last weeks - known as "wens", which, if you look up the definition online is:

Wen - Used to describe the spongy headgrowth some goldfish have. This is present in all goldfish to some degree, but has been bred to be more prominant in breeds like Orandas and lionheads.

I like to think I'm a lionhead, not an Oranda. But I guess I'm just your average goldfish now.

But I digress - except to mention that the doctor cut an artery in my scalp during the process, and I pretty quickly resembled our friend Carrie here. Luckily I found it all pretty funny, matted, bloody hair/face/arm and all - a reaction I was thankful for, because I am by nature a fainter not a giggler when it comes to things medical.

With stitches in place, I feel a little more kinship with Thomas, who has had a single stitch in the corner of his eye for the past two weeks (removed successfully today, actually). He had a small growth removed while he was under getting his pearly whites cleaned & sharpened - poor little guy came home with a head cone on, and immediately rocketed around the house in 100% full on panic mode, until he had managed to smash it into enough tables/chairs/doorframes to snap the thing right in half. I found him in the basement with one leg stuck through the cone-collar, hyperventilating, so I de-coned him. Not really sure what the vet thought the cone would achieve - cats are sneaky, but not exactly dexterous enough with their claws to pick a stitch out of the corner of their eye. Anyhoo - all is well with Thom now, and I'm coming to terms with the fact I am no longer a truly fancy goldfish.

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