Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not my best effort - next time, next time...

Went to Jose Gonzalez last week at St. Andrews church. Got there early enough to have our choice of pews, and decided to try pew 3 not pew 2. A good idea, except pew 2 was left open for an Australian Gigantor about 6'5" tall. Dat'll learn me to be cocky about my seating...and I know he can't do anything about being a foot taller than me. And judging by his shifting around I think his discomfort at being crammed into tight pew seating was greater than mine at being blocked by the night's largest human. Adding colour to pew 2 was Bono - I mean, one of those celebrity impersonators trying to be Bono. Or some guy from northern england who isn't a celebrity impersonator who just happens to ensure he looks like Bono, which is closer to the truth I think, and weirdly, more confounding. Ahhh, I am such a b*tch sometimes (or a certain someone I'm related to might say, shallow as a piece of paper). But unlike Gigantor, you can do something about looking like Bono. There's no excuse.

ANYWAY - the security stiffs were being quite nasty at the door - we got through fine, but others had cameras taken. So, being on the aisle, close to the front, I felt pretty exposed. As a result, not many videos. And the ones taken were taken when the security guy left his seat, and with my camera on my chest, hence the wandering frame...sad, sad. I post the video primarily because the wandering frame makes me laugh. The bass is a bit muffled, I'm guessing some part of my hand/body was interfering with the speaker. Oh well, you can't win them all.

No complaints about the show - audience was quiet (better than at Richards), and Jose et al were great. One thing I noticed this time that I didn't notice at Hawksley was the effect of the space on the sound. We were very close to the front in the centre, and the monitors were flown quite wide at the sides of the stage, so you could hear the sound bouncing in the vaulting in the church. Hawksley had center monitors too which helped that issue. For me though the good view (even with Gigantor) outweighed the slightly imperfect sound.

This is Black weekend - Black Mountain tonight, Black Keys tomorrow, total exhaustion Monday.

And in other good news - Les Savy Fav is coming back in July, this time to the Commodore. Too bad it's not Richards again, but I'll take what I can get!!

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