Saturday, March 01, 2008

The cats weigh in....

WARNING: this is entirely about cats and couches. Most will find it too boring for words.

So it's arrived - the new couch! In my eagerness to blog I haven't really staged the photo very well, but as you can see we've got quite a different beast in the house - more massive, and much more neutral. I think it's going to work.

Cat reaction has been reserved. Neither would come near it at first - Mags focus was to play like a crazy thing in the "cage" formed by my old couch, which is currently pushed up against the railing to downstairs. As I type this she is scrabbling around in there having as good a time as a cat can have on a couch.

Thom has acted with his usual caution. Some careful studying from a safe distance, followed by a touch of the tail against the side of the couch - that is as far as it's got at this point. Miss Mags walked along the window letting one paw touch the couch every now and then, then finally got brave enough to lie on it, and I think she's given it the OK, as you'll see from the video (once again, BOREDOM warning).

Oooh - breaking news - Thom is now sitting beside me on the new addition, and has rolled a couple of times, so I guess he's ok with it too. Even if I didn't take his advice on upholstery fabric.

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Anonymous said...

Love the couch - this plaid is much more subtle.... purrrrfect!