Tuesday, January 29, 2008

***SNOW DAY***

There are probably 7 inches of snow outside the bunkle right now. The photo was from first thing thing this morning, and it just kept coming. Luckily I have the ability to work from home if necessary, so that's what I did. And *bonus* some slightly down & out guy offered to shovel my walk for me - double win of meaning I didn't have to pooch my back any further by doing it, and a chance to give a few bucks to someone who obviously needs it. The other bonus was having a chance to watch the terrible twosome's snowday - I was working in the den so they took up space on the couch, pointedly NOT facing each other so the inevitable battle for couch-territory could be avoided in a dignified way. After a few hours on the couch, they moved to the red chair for a Sesame Street demo of some sort (...ON....UNDER....ON....)

Anyway, got a good amount of work done (phew), and had the added bonus of this arriving in the mail. Look forward to giving it a listen.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you averted the career-ending snow-shovelling related back injury. And props to GPL for the great comments over the last several posts!


Anonymous said...

Bottom picture: British Shorthair Theatre's production of Robert Wilson's Three Billy Goat's Gruff

"carried a palpable tension born in part from the audience's proximity to the small troupe"
- catPeople Magazine

"weird piece of performance art"
- Vancougar Sun

"Thomas and Maggie rule"

Sorry - Thomas's eyes made me do it! Like the snow pic - you picked the right way to spend the day!