Sunday, November 18, 2007


OK, I have become slightly obsessed by seeing how close a photo I can take of Thomas' head. Not really sure why...I mean, it is a pretty cool looking head, but honestly I think it has something more to do with the macro function of the new camera. Here are a selection of this week's Giganto-Head shots. I love the first one in particular. And for those of you hoping for something on this blog of greater cultural significance...sorry. Soon, I promise. And I should add that I the fact my cat photos focus largely on Thomas not Maggie is strictly a result of him being the easy one to photograph - firstly, because he is a nice, light, even colour so it is EASY - unlike the rolled-in-soot, mottled colour of his sister - and because he actually hangs out with me during the day while Miss Mags sleeps.

Once I master the new camera, you may be forces to look at a whole slew of giant Maggie heads. We shall see.

And yes, I know that my already tiny readership is perilously close to leaving me entirely. I will try to find something else to blog about, really.

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